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Senior management performance benchmarking

18 November 2016

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    Senior management performance benchmarking
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The JvR Africa Group was approached by a company within the Financial Sector to establish the current level of performance for their senior management group, and to identify key areas of development for the group. The evaluation was based on the results obtained during the company’s performance management process.


  1. The group consisted of 48 senior managers who were rated based on their performance in seven key competency areas. The individual evaluations comprised of both quantitative performance ratings and written feedback regarding key development areas for each senior manager.
  2. For each competency (based on the scores obtained during their performance management process), the senior managers were classified according to 5 categories ranging from those who exceeded expectations to those who required development.
  3. For each competency, the number of senior managers falling into each performance category were provided.
  4. A qualitative analysis was done, identifying key descriptions of where senior managers, with each competency as a development area, could improve.
  5. In view of the data, additional suggestions for actions on how to improve each competency area were also provided.


The results indicated that the majority of senior managers were meeting the expectations for the various competencies. There were three competencies identified where the overall group of senior managers obtained lower ratings. The analyses indicated that only a minor shift would be required in most competency areas to move the current group from meeting expectations towards exceeding them. The company used the feedback to build development programmes for the senior managers and to create support initiatives where needed.

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