If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, then tackle the board game ‘Culturewise’ and put your cultural knowledge to the test. Can you describe the following words in 30 seconds:

  • tsotsi
  • biggie best
  • sarie marais
  • my goose (slang)

Pit your team against the Q&A cards developed around using all of the different cultures in South Africa. The game can be used in many different ways as it contains 500 ‘Jargon Buster’ or ‘Q&A’ cards. Try the ’30 second type approach’ or use it as a quick workshop energiser; tackle the full scale board game - similar to Trivial Pursuit - or up the ante in the workplace with your own rendition of a nerve wrecking ‘Weakest Link’. Loads of fun, but building diversity knowledge as you go. Now that’s what I call edutainment! Contact Kathy Knott for more information on our SA product range or call 011 781 3705