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Road Rage - why we snap. 702 Talk radio Interview with Dr. Nicola Taylor

7 September 2018

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    Road Rage - why we snap. 702 Talk radio Interview with Dr. Nicola Taylor
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Have you ever been involved in a road rage incident, either as the aggressor or the victim? What prompted the incident? Studies reveal road rage is on the rise globally, mainly because of increased traffic congestion, insufficient infrastructure, drinking-and-driving and inadequate policing. Azania Mosaka spoke to Dr Nicola Taylor.

It ranges from just annoyance, to progressively more violent behaviour; hooting, flashing shouting to cutting people off. — Dr Nicola Taylor

The degree to which it escalates depends very much on how people manage their emotions. How they think about the situation. Dr Nicola Taylor

We talk about attributions that we make. Thinking that other people's behaviour is a hostile action and it's directed at us rather than something they have just done on the road without thinking.

So thinking that the intention is personal also contributes to that escalation in anger or whichever emotion seems to be hijacking your system at the time, it could be stress, fear and anxiety. — Dr Nicola Taylor

Listen to what callers had to say about their experiences...


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