This letter is in response to a recent petition regarding the test administration rights of registered psychological professionals. In our context, psychometrists do not only do test administration.  They provide consulting and advisory services, develop psychometric tests, give feedback, design and facilitate training and workshops, plan and execute research, and manage teams of people. Although test administration is a core component of their skill set it would be misleading to suggest that this is the only skill they have. That being said, JvR, as a test publisher, confirms a stance of compliance with the regulations stipulated by the HPCSA. Our company supports the discipline of psychology and the role of the psychological professional in the assessment process and as such our operating and training policies are aligned with the HPCSA regulations.  We will act against any misuse of the psychological tests we distribute. We have always valued a process of collaboration. To that extent, we invite you to share your concerns and suggestions on this blog site or contact Jopie at Kind Regards Dr. Jopie de Beer MD Jopie van Rooyen and Partners SA (Pty)Ltd.