We recently had the opportunity to renew the distribution contract for Prof. Johann Schepers’ assessments with his wife. Prof Schepers will always be remembered for his psychometric genius and it is an absolute privilege for JvR Psychometrics to continue to distribute his assessments.

It was fitting that the contracts were signed in the Schepers library at JvR, which is open to the public to consult some classic texts in psychometrics and his many students’ theses and dissertations.

We took the opportunity to mark the day with a photograph with Mrs Schepers and her daughter, Elsabé Kemp.

The value of the construct of locus of control in organisations is significant. Research done in the mining sector indicates that it is critical to ensuring safe behaviour and managing safety environments. Organisations looking for employees who take accountability for their work should also ensure that they assess for locus of control in the selection process. JvR Psychometrics has also recently updated Prof Schepers’ Locus of Control Inventory by creating a shorter, more up-to-date assessment of locus of control.

One of the assessments developed by Prof Schepers in his days at Princeton is the Concept Attainment Test. JvR Psychometrics are in the process of breathing new life into this test in the form of the JvR Complexity Scale, which forms part of a greater battery of assessments designed to assess cognitive complexity. We expect the assessment to be commercially available in early 2018. We are proud to be able to continue honouring the great legacy left by Prof Schepers, and thank the Schepers family to putting their trust in us to do so.


Schepers family