Covid-19 Outbreak - our response

As a responsible business we take the well-being of our employees, customers, business associates, and fellow South Africans very seriously. Having observed the coronavirus outbreak in China, South Korea, Italy, the UK and the rest of Europe, the USA and the rest of the world, we are very aware of the nature and speed of contagion this virus seems to have. In this regard we follow the best scientific and medical advice of experts nationally and internationally. We also fully adhere to all the requests from our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, as shared in his speech to the nation on 15 March 2020.

Given the significant risk and impact of the COVID-19 disease, we have taken the following precautionary measures to limit any possible spread:

Hygiene and personal distance: We obsessively follow all the advice provided with regards to personal hygiene, interpersonal distance, deep cleaning of surfaces, and the availability of disinfectant and hand sanitiser at all of our JvR offices. All visitors and employees are required to commit to healthy hygiene habits.

Access screening: We use a Visitor Access Control Questionnaire for travel and health screening to determine any and all possible risks of those who may be visiting our offices for assessments, meetings, workshops, or certification training. Where clients or delegates are high-risk, we require a 21-day quarantine period before visiting our offices. We also fully comply with the policies and requirements of our clients when interacting with their staff.

Health and wellness of staff members: Given the sophisticated electronic JvR infrastructure and HR processes, it is possible for a significant number of our employees to work off-site and as such practice proactive and voluntary self-isolation. We are nevertheless still able to provide an uninterrupted and seamless service to all our clients. Should those employees who are office bound show any signs of flu-like symptoms, they will immediately self-isolate for at least 14 days and will not return to the office before they are asymptomatic and can provide JvR with a medical certificate.

Virtual products, services, workshops, and certification: Our electronic capability makes it possible for clients to continue with all their talent interventions by virtually accessing all our products, services, training, or research offerings. We will continue to provide all our services in an efficient and supportive manner as per usual. However, should our clients have unique needs, we will do our best to find the best solutions.

For training/workshop interventions, those clients who cannot visit our offices due to their own corporate policies or exposure to COVID-19, we can offer electronic and virtual options for most, if not all, available training and workshops. By making use of virtual and electronic options, the need for travel is avoided and the risk of further spreading the virus is limited.

Business travel and density events: We have stopped all our national and international business travel and will only consider business-critical travel under well-controlled circumstances and where virtual meetings or conferencing are not possible. The attendance of discussion groups, conferences, and other events are limited, particularly keeping in mind those employees that could be regarded as at high risk.
In summary

Although we have not yet had any incidence of employees or their families contracting COVID-19, we believe that as a responsible business we have to take the well-being of our employees, colleagues, customers, business partners, and fellow South Africans, very seriously. We respect and really appreciate the fact that you do the same.

Should you have any additional questions you are more than welcome to contact