In this episode of Ukwanda, we talk to Tricia Jones about performance management! Tricia is a passionate coach, facilitator and People Development Consultant. She is also the owner of Capacity Builder - a people performance hub that provides innovative coaching, mentoring, training, and change management solutions. Tricia's speciality is performance management. She uses performance blueprints to help individuals, teams and organisations understand their own blueprint for performance. She also does work in the leadership space, helping leaders to grow their skills by tapping into their own talents and strengths, providing them with tried and tested tips and tricks and challenging their people to practice ideas to improve their effectiveness.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to design a performance management system designed to tap into an individual's intrinsic motivations?
  • We look at engagement and ask what is your attrition strategy?
  • How to use the Strengthscope assessment in creating 'performance blueprints'.

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