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We need your help bring the Dynamic Complexity and Styles Test (DyCaST) to market

Posted on: 6 April 2017 at 12:32 SAST

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JvR Psychometrics is very excited to start testing on one of the new additions to our JvR-developed range of assessments.

The Dynamic Complexity and Styles Test (DyCaST) is cognitive complexity and styles measure that assesses the intellectual styles of individuals.

Intellectual styles are thought to govern how individuals use their intelligence, personality, and motivational or emotional aptitudes to adapt effectively to work and life contexts and deal optimally with complex information. The DyCaST is a test battery composed of four independent tests that measure preferred learning style, decision-making style, ability to deal with complex information, and interests and values as they relate to divergent thinking. These individual constructs interact in a dynamic manner and either enhance or impede an individual’s ability to deal effectively with complexity in the work environment.

We are in the process of collecting data for norms and standardisation, and so are looking for any opportunities to collect data in populations of working adults. Reports would only be available after the data collection is complete, but we will provide reports to those who have participated in the study.

Please contact Elcke du Plessis (elcke@jvrafrica.co.za) if you would like to try it out or if you have opportunities for data collection.

For more information, please contact us on +27(0) 11 781 3705/6/7 or send an email to

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