In most sports, physicality is key. Being stronger, faster, fitter and more coordinated will be a significant advantage. These factors are usually straightforward and can easily be measured using quantifiable metrics like time, distance, speed and weight.

But these metrics only tell part of the story. On paper, athletes may seem destined for greatness, yet never reach the dizzying heights expected of them. In other cases, they greatly exceed all expectations. Why?

Psychological factors obviously make a critical contribution. Mental toughness, personality and risk taking have all been identified as important aspects of performance.

With this in mind, PCL’s Principal Research Psychologist, Dr Simon Toms, collaborated with the University of Gloucestershire’s Tayla Drew to assess the impact of personality and risk taking across a sample of sporting professionals. With good evidence that long term athletic success and short-term behaviours can be predicted by personality traits, the research aimed to ascertain whether there is a relationship between mental toughness and risk taking and to explore the possible impact of these psychological factors on performance.

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