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May, is Africa month and on the 25th of May we celebrate Africa day.

Posted on: 16 May 2016 at 10:30 SAST

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Our continent is unique - some would even say magical! The diversity in national cultures, languages, literature, art, poetry, history and music; as well as the animals, plants and geographic sights, and in particular, the warmth and uniqueness of the people in Africa, makes this a unique destination. More than a billion of us call this “home”. From a business perspective it is expected that the Sub Saharan economy will expand with an average of 4.3% in 2017 (Smith, 2016). The economies that currently show the best potential for growth include Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Botswana and Mauritius where GDP growth is expected to top 6% (Smith, 2016). Many agree that this is the time to invest- and do business in Africa. Not naively so, we acknowledge that Africa has its own challenges - more than enough of them! You could however look at these challenges as “opportunities”. People in Africa are immensely important. This is illustrated in the well-known UBUNTU philosophy in Africa that actually means “humanity to others”, it also means “I am what I am because of who we all are.” (The Ubuntu story) A similar focus is also found in the highly respected King Reports where a strong focus is placed on the “triple bottom line” which also includes the business owners’ and managers’ responsibility to people. (Institute of Directors Southern Africa, 2016) A very recent and excellent study done by NEPAD, Nedbank and Ernst and Young on corporate governance in 13 African countries also mentions discussions on an Afrocentric model of governance, where attention is also given to “people” in the process of governance. (Africa Corporate Governance Network, 2016) It is with all of this in mind that JvR is again organising a conference on “People Development in Africa” in the Kruger National Park from 7-10 May 2017. We wish to bring you as much high quality, and practical information as possible on topics such as leadership, management, ethics, skills development, innovation, entrepreneurship and safety as well as on data driven research and psychometric measurement. The purpose of this conference is to learn from each other and from the experts, in order to really make a difference in developing people, be-it in Africa or anywhere else. A conference in the Kruger National Park is an experience you should not miss! In addition to the very valuable academic and practitioner side of the conference you will be able to experience the local culture, hear the lions roar, possibly see the elusive leopard and who knows - even see some wild dogs hunting! As locals we believe that you find your soul in the bush- why not try it? Registrations are now open for the 2nd People Development in Africa Conference.

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