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Maree Career Matrix (MCM)

19 September 2014

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    Maree Career Matrix (MCM)
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It is with great excitement that the Publishing Team at JvR Psychometrics would like to announce the launch of a brand new interest assessment to our product offering.  Developed by Prof. Kobus Maree, the Maree Career Matrix (MCM) offers clients a wonderful new assessment instrument to add to their repertoire.  The MCM can be used as part of a client’s career journey by exploring new avenues in career development, as well as pinpointing areas of academic study that can build skills and, as a result, increase career options.  It is also invaluable in supporting personal counselling by identifying career areas that can be explored to help meet individuals’ career journey needs. The MCM reflects individuals’ attraction to 19 job categories by asking them to rate their interest and confidence level in 152 different occupations.  Individuals’ total scores (interest and confidence) on each category are then plotted on the Career Matrix to provide insight into possible career options.  Together, the two types of information provide comprehensive, rich data that are invaluable as part of a career process.  The Matrix is comprised of four quadrants, namely: ‘Go for it’, ‘Bottom of the pile’, ’Use it, don’t lose it’ or ‘Upskill yourself’. The MCM is available in a self-scorable format with an online administration and report pending.  The design is engaging, clean and easy to use, and the price makes it an affordable addition to your career assessment options.

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