Workplace stress is estimated to cost companies millions in poor performance, absenteeism and health costs. Job stress impedes on the ability of employees to actively demonstrate work engagement behaviour. Therefore, whilst it is important to promote work engagement in organisations it is also of equal importance to simultaneously curb job stress in order to maximise the success of employee engagement efforts, i.e. ensure a healthy return by investing in and promoting engagement interventions The Organisational Human Factor Benchmark Instrument (OHFB©) has been developed following twelve years of cutting-edge research by the WorkWell Research Unit, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus). This organisational diagnostic instrument benchmarks human factor related risk on individual and group level. JvRC is proud to be associated with this cutting edge South African product. It’s unique ability to balance both positive and negative aspects of work-related well being, combined with highly effective application, will ensure future growth and development not only within our organisations and communities, but will potentially have a far reaching impact globally. JVRC is an accredited user of the OHFB and well positioned to integrate primary, secondary and tertiary interventions for your organisation. For further information, please email