Cognify is a game-based assessment of cognitive ability that assesses specific abilities such as Fluid reasoning (Gf), Visual-spatial processing (Gv), Quantitative knowledge (Gq), Comprehension-knowledge (Gc), Reading and writing (Grw), and Processing speed (Gs). 



g trumps specific cognitive abilities

Cognitive ability predicts work performance

Cognitive ability and moral reasoning

5 Benefits of game-based assessments

Is cognitive ability cross-culturally applicable?

Cognitive ability and benchmarks for specific jobs

The ROI of cognitive ability


JVR Case Studies:

Increase in performance worth R 185K per year for high complexity jobs when using Cognify and BTI to select candidates

Higher scorers on Cognify received a 29% higher rating for demonstrating technical expertise at work (and other findings)


International case studies:

Case Study - Fleet Care

Case Study - Large Multinational Technology Company

Case Study - Risk Prediction

Case Study - Accountants

Case Study - Financial Institution

Case Study - Professional Services

Case Study - Digital Marketing Agency


Sample report

Sample Individual Cognify Report.pdf


Technical manual

The international technical manual and SA technical supplement can be sent on request.