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Is cognitive ability cross-culturally applicable?

20 July 2021

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    Is cognitive ability cross-culturally applicable?
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Inspecting the equivalent measurement of cognitive assessments is an important first step when applying internationally developed tests in Africa (see our eChapter on using Cognitive ability in selection).


JVR, in collaboration with Revelian, found initial evidence for the measurement invariance of Cognify for white and black (Employment Equity Act’s conceptualisation) groups in South Africa (see Technical Supplement).


Score ranges (norms) for South Africa were set with due consideration of adverse impact by simulating and inspecting the difference in the selection ratios (number of people appointed divided by the number of people that applied) of the assessment for black and white groups.


Cognify is a game-based assessment of cognitive ability that assesses specific abilities such as Fluid reasoning (Gf), Visual-spatial processing (Gv), Quantitative knowledge (Gq), Comprehension-knowledge (Gc), Reading and writing (Grw), and Processing speed (Gs).  Cognify is reported to be a more engaging and enjoyable format when compared to traditional non-game-based assessments (see video for quick overview).  Professors Richard Landers’ presentation at an interdisciplinary workshop, highlights his findings based on independent research conducted with Cognify.  Professor Richard Landers is a world-renowned expert in gamification at Minnesota University.


P.S. The international technical manual with additional information on the cross-cultural validity of Cognify can be sent on request.

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