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Introducing the new all-in-one MBTI® Personal Impact Report!

Posted on: 4 September 2014 at 13:50 SAST

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Don’t know where to start? Not sure which application report best matches your client’s needs?

JvR Psychometrics is excited to announce that CPP, Inc. has just released the latest MBTI Form M report! The MBTI® Personal Impact Report has you covered. Designed to help you make the most of your time with each client, this all-applications-in-one report facilitates structured interpretation, allowing you to focus more on your client’s needs and less on worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right report. The MBTI˚ Personal Impact Report is an all-in-one report that can be generated off the MBTI˚ Form M. It contains a wide range of applications and examines a variety of aspects from ‘Enhancing Your Decision-Making Capability’ and ‘How Stress Impacts You’. Additionally the report also incorporates the Introduction to Type® concept and exercises that assist the client in arriving at best fit.

Benefits at a Glance:

  1. Helps practitioners consistently deliver high-quality interpretations.
  2. Covers a full spectrum of applications, providing your client a powerful personal impact frame of reference.
  3. Includes optional exercises at no additional cost, which introduce the concept of type and verify your client’s best-fit type.
  4. Drives positive impact by helping your clients clearly understand the impact of their personality type in key areas of their lives. Each application section describes type-specific strengths and challenges, and offers suggestions for ways clients can develop their awareness and effectiveness.

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The MBTI assessment allows people to better understand their own style and the styles of others. This helps reduce conflict and increase effective communication among team members and creates a better overall organizational climate. - Source: TechValidate Survey of a Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company.

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MBTI personal impact report

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