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How To Order Assessments

Posted on: 24 February 2010 at 09:25 SAST

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This article-, will highlight the “how to” of ordering, scoring, researching, reporting, training and more. In this article we will highlight some important points to remember when ordering printed test material.

Ethical, Professional and Legal Considerations

All of us at JvR subscribe to the ethical and best practice professional standards of national and international psychological associations such as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), the American Psychological Association (APA) or the British Psychological Society (BPS) and others. In South Africa, psychological tests are only available to appropriately qualified professionals registered with the HPCSA. We therefore routinely ask for your HPCSA registration number on all orders received. JvR offers internationally accredited trainings on some of our assessments. The purpose of such training is, amongst others, to ensure that the use of the assessment is on par with international best practice. It also provides an opportunity for adding you to a list of internationally accredited clients. When test material of these assessments, are ordered, we also verify your accreditation status before processing the order. Many of the psychological tests, distributed by JvR, can however be ordered without having to undergo further training. We do however still need to know your current registration as Psychologist or Psychometrist with the HPCSA, when your order is placed.

The ordering process works like this:

Whilst wondering which assessment(s) would best fit your specific need and context, you are very welcome to visit us at the office for a cup of coffee where we can provide you with all the information you need. If you prefer to browse, at your own leisure, through all the choices we can offer you, please visit our electronic catalogue site at catalogue.jvrpsychometrics.co.za. Of course you are also very welcome to phone or e-mail us for any information you may require. We will also gladly send you a quote for the assessments you require. Our quotes are valid for 15 days. Once you have decided on the assessment or combination of assessments that you need, we will ask you to complete an Order Form and, if you are a new client, a Data Form. You can request these forms directly from us in the Psychometric Advisory Department via phone (Johannesburg:+27 11 781 3705 or Cape Town:+27 21 913 0541) , or by e-mailing us at info@jvrafrica.co.za. You can visit our offices where you submit your Order Form and, depending on stock, can wait for us to process your order. Your completed Order Form and Data Form can also be sent to us via email or by using the following fax numbers: Johannesburg: +27 11 781 3703 or Cape Town: +27 21 913 0542. Please remember to be very specific as to the assessment material required and do not forget to sign your order form! We will process your order within the next 24 hours depending on the availability of stock. Please take note that should you be registered with the HPCSA in supervised practice, the Supervising Psychologist will also have to sign your Order Form.

Stock of test material

It is important to note that we do not always carry stock of all the tests displayed in our catalogue. Should you order test material that we do not have in stock we will notify you that your request has been placed on, what we call “back order”. This implies that the test material has to be imported or printed and it may take up to three weeks for delivery. In very rare circumstances an international distributor may also have run out of stock or may even have decided to discontinue a test. Should this happen we will let you know and also do our best to seek alternative solutions for you. It is however, always best to place your order as early as possible allowing us time to possibly import or print the test material you require. It may be useful for you to keep in mind that our orders to most international distributors are placed in the middle of the month (the 15th) and at the end of a month (the 30th). It might save you time to submit your order to us before these dates.

Processing of an order

We capture all the information from the Data Form onto our client database. The information in this database is confidential. Based on a new entry into our database, and with some verification, your account with us will be opened. In South Africa, this account number is in your personal name as the HPCSA registered Psychologist or Psychometrist. In future, this account number should be used as reference whenever you are making any payment to JvR. Your Order Form will be processed within 24 hours. Factors that may affect the speed of processing include the availability of stock as well as the accuracy of the information on the order form. Should there be a problem with the order we will phone you to provide feedback or ask for clarity.

Delivery or Collection Methods

You are very welcome to visit our offices for a cup of coffee and to personally fetch your package of test material. Should you ask us to send your test material via secure postage or courier, the costs will be added to your invoice. You are welcome to verify these costs before we send you the material. Please be aware that courier costs are influenced by your choice of over- night- or on the same day delivery. We can only ensure same-day delivery if we receive your order form before 10am on the day of delivery. Overnight delivery requires that the order form reach our offices before 3pm. The cost of such a courier service is also dependent on the size and weight of each parcel. When utilizing the courier service it is important to provide us with a physical address where the parcel needs to be delivered. In some instances, such as after hour’s deliveries, a secondary address is also required. Please ensure that a contact person is available when the delivery is made. It is very important to note that the courier service only delivers to rural areas once a week and not daily! Speed post, as secure form of postage can also be considered. Speed post usually takes up to three days for delivery to a Post Office near to you. We will provide you with a tracking number for your parcel to enable you to follow up should the parcel not arrive in the allocated time. Although we do our utmost best to ensure that your parcel reaches you in good condition and as soon as possible, it is not possible to accept responsibility for the internal processes of the courier service or the Post Office. International orders will only to be sent by reputable courier services as JvR cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of such material. Pre-payment of such an order will be required.

Payment can be made in several ways:

We prefer payments to be made electronically (EFT) but will also accept bank deposits, cash or credit card payments. For us to allocate your payment correctly it is absolutely essential that you add your unique account number to your EFT payment or your bank deposit. Make it a habit to fax or e-mail us your proof of payment as this ensures that you will not receive further invoices for money that has already been paid. Our existing clients have 30 days, from the date of invoicing, to settle their account. Our policy is to block accounts that are overdue and to charge interest on late payments. We also require all purchases of R1000.00 and less to pay for the material before it is released. Unverified or new clients have to provide proof of payment before the test material is made available to them.

In Summary:

We value our business relationship and will do our best to make your experience of our service positive. We appreciate all feedback which can help us to enhance our offering even more. Please send such feedback directly to jopie@jvrafrica.co.za. In next month’s article we will describe how electronic test material is purchased, accessed and scored. If you have any queries relating to this article, or our ordering processes, please leave a comment or email either fatima@jvrafrica.co.za or myself at andrea@jvrafrica.co.za Links: Catalogue Order Form

For more information, please contact us on +27(0) 11 781 3705/6/7 or send an email to

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