In almost any job role or organisation you will need to interact with a variety of people. We all know that different personalities can clash and that can have very negative consequences for an organisation. People, while being a company's most valued asset, are also complicated and react to the organisation's environmental stresses, including interpersonal interactions​. We all have different needs, desires and wants and if we are able to gain insight into these, this may assist in combating some of the stresses. Psychometric assessments can provide valuable insight into people's personalities, their preferences, their emotional intelligence and many other important aspects related to job performance and fit. ​ One important facet that often tends to be overlooked is how interpersonal needs can impact on an individual’s interactions with others. The FIRO-B® and FIRO-Business™ are two such assessments that can create awareness of this over-looked but valuable aspect. The FIRO-B® and FIRO-Business™ take a look at what an individual’s interpersonal needs are, how an individual expresses these needs or how an individual wants others to express these needs towards them. The information generated by these assessments is applicable in a variety of settings, including:

  • team development
  • leadership development
  • conflict managment
  • it can be combined with the MBTI® to provide an extensive leadership report

Case studies are available detailing the use of the FIRO® assessments in combination with other assessments and in different applications. South African research is available investigating the reliability, validity, and factor structure of both the FIRO-B® and the FIRO Business®. For a quick ‘video tip’ on how FIRO® results can be used to improve communication, please follow the below link to watch the video – CPP, Inc.’s "Be Better" Tip Using FIRO-B® Insights: For information, feel free to contact our client advisors on (011) 781 3705 or