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New E.Q-i 2.0 Higher Education Report package

Posted on: 24 January 2014 at 11:50 SAST

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One of the most common problems facing higher education institutes all over the world is the drop out rate of students.This rate is particularly high in a student's first year. Various international studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence (EI) may play a significant role in a student's likelihood of dropping out. In response to this problem, MHS, the publishers of the E.Q-i 2.0, have developed a set of reports, specifically aimed at providing students with a measure of their EI as well as strategies to develop one's EI. The Higher Education Report package consists of the following reports (at only 20 tokens per report):

  • Summary Report: This 10 page report can be given directly to the student and indicates the students top three and lowest two results.
  • Comprehensive Report & the Counselor Report: Counselors can then generate comprehensive reports that provide interpretation and development strategies for all 15 subscales.

These reports are ideal aids for coaching students and incorporating EI into one's class curriculum or campus leadership programs. Also included is psychometric information such as response style. This set of three reports gives students and counselors school-specific results in a delivery system geared for optimal understanding and ease of administration and follow-up. As with other E.Q-i 2.0 reports certain features are fully customisable, even being able to add in details of where students can obtain additional resources or services to assist with one's EI development. To activate the Higher Education Report setting on your E.Q-i 2.0 portal please contact Client Services on (011) 781 3705 or clientservices@jvrafrica.co.za Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact JvR Psychometrics on (011) 781 3705 or info@jvrafrica.co.za Click on the reports below to view samples of each: Download Summary Report Download Comprehensive Report Download the Counselor Report

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