It’s that time of the year when the Grade 10 to 12 pupils start to face some important decisions that need to be made. They have to consider subject choice, possible careers to pursue and which institution or course would be best suited to them. This process is stressful for children and their parents. Parents want the best for their children and children often feel overwhelmed with making such an important decision at such an “early” stage of their life. Career coaching and decision making is a dynamic, lifelong process. The decisions you make in Grade 9 to Grade 12, are not set in stone, they merely form part of your process into the world of work. This does not diminish the importance of choosing the correct subjects, courses or institutions, but it widens the scope and margin for ‘error’ or change. There are a few things you could consider when planning your career:

  • Career decisions cannot be made in isolation – it is important to take contextual, background, personal and developmental information into account, in order to make an insightful decision.
  • A thorough process of career coaching will support you in making an appropriate subject choice, career choice or career transition.  The focus of the process is primarily on obtaining accurate self-awareness.
  • Look for new ways to identify and research career possibilities, learn to stay motivated in varied academic and organisational settings, and explore employment alternatives that reflect your values, interests and personality.

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