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Changing People’s Perception of Psychometrics

Posted on: 26 November 2009 at 09:16 SAST

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Author: Shani van der Merwe There are numerous articles referring to the value of psychometrics that are used by many consultants alike to build a business case for using psychometric assessments as part of an organisation’s HR processes. Well in some instances the ‘sale’ tends to be quite easy, in other instances you are dealing with skeptics. During a recent workshop I facilitated with HR Consultants, whom were all quite familiar and committed to using psychometrics, they raised these pertinent questions: “ How do I get line management to buy-in to the psychometrics?” and: “how can we convince them that it is important and a necessary step?”. It appears that in most organizations there will always be a ‘level’ of resistance which one needs to overcome - but how? The how tends to be contingent on the organizational dynamics but may include education, enhancing positive experiences and even streamlining the psychometric process to ensure quick turnaround times. With one of our clients we have taken the approach of personally visiting all of their sites on a regular basis in an effort to personalize the interaction between the psychologist and the manager. This has been quite successful and has assisted us in gaining the necessary buy-in and commitment. However, the only problem is to actually get into the manager’s office in the first place… As a psychologist, HR manager or consultant working with psychometric tests, how have you managed to overcome this kind of buy-in resistance?

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