This was the question asked during a recent workshop in Botswana, presented by Dr. Jopie de Beer. Botswana as a country, has invested heavily in entrepreneurship. Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship are offered by different institutions. A number of events have over time been created to showcase entrepreneurship in Botswana, and in particular to bring together local entrepreneurs and international thought leaders. This initiative is very important because successful high impact entrepreneurs can create opportunities for employment, establish opportunities for practical work experience, and thus add to the economic growth of the country. Much attention is given to the ability of entrepreneurs to manage finances, write business plans, understand HR issues, and more. A critically important factor in sustaining entrepreneurial concerns is also the hard-wiring of the entrepreneur him-/herself. This workshop focused on exactly that - the characteristics required by those in entrepreneurial businesses to ensure success.

Attending delegates represented companies including the University of Botswana's Career Guidance Team, CEDA (Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency), Game Changers (a local NPO), I/O Psychologists in private practice, BEC (Botswana Examination Council), Knowledge Resources, Agribusiness Botswana, and KPMG.

Some topics of discussion included: - The definition of entrepreneurship - Organisational life-cycle and its impact on entrepreneurship - Identifying as an entrepreneur, and being one - the META DT assessment of entrepreneurial potential - Developing your proactivity - Entrepreneurship is not for everyone - Being entrepreneurial as part of a team (not only as a business owner) - The importance of entrepreneurship in Botswana If you are interested in measuring the entrepreneurial potential in your team, or organisation, contact us in 011 781 3705, or