The Culturewise Boardgame as we know it has been streamlined and refined to a funky box of 67 hilarious and thought-provoking quiz questions and 67 Jargon Busters. It was first developed in 2004 and aims to improve our understanding and knowledge of South Africa’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual people in an educational and informal way. Let’s value our differences and celebrate our commonalities thus building better cross-cultural relationships, faster. Get yours for only R350 (incl. VAT) each or R700 (incl. VAT) for the set.


  • Awareness and knowledge of many different South African cultures, language groups and religions
  • An opportunity to share personal views and to learn about other people’s point of view
  • A change to learn about personal positive and negative stereotypes one has of one’s own culture
  • A chance to celebrate dreams, wishes and hopes we have in common
  • A greater ability to ‘fit in’ at the significant cultural and religious events of other South Africans
  • Better relationships and improved co-operation

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