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21 tips for building resilience 7 - Coping with stress and anxiety

2 April 2020

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    21 tips for building resilience 7 - Coping with stress and anxiety
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During an online meeting yesterday, my colleague asked me whether the current work-from-home-practice is also causing stress and anxiety in me. The sudden change to a home office took her away from valuable daily interactions with everyone at the office. Figuring out how all the technology works for someone that is a bit technologically challenged, adds further stress. And on top of this, she is extremely worried about her child that works abroad as a medical practitioner in the fight against the pandemic. Working from home and figuring out the technology, are not issues for me since I have been doing that for the last year already. And I don’t have family working in health care. But, I have an eighty-year-old mother that lives on her own; a child who is in grade 12 and missing out on valuable in-class time, and I am working in a company whose success is greatly linked to the economy of the country.

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