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21 tips for building resilience 1

27 March 2020

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    21 tips for building resilience 1
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Over the past year, there was no getting away from being bombarded with information regarding the future world of work and how the technological advances, disruption and innovation it will bring, will acutely change the world we live in and definitely also the world we work in. As people are all different, some reacted to this with excited anticipation and others with mistrust and fear.

Little did we know, while we were thinking into the future and planning on how we will cope with it when it is finally here, that the whole world will face an epidemic that will disrupt life as we know it. That it will, in fact, shake our existence to the core and bring with it the kind of uncertainty and complexity that can easily lead to anxiety, emotional exhaustion, fear and panic, but also feelings of anger, depression and helplessness.


This resilience series is broken up into audio lessons and blog or video content.

Tip 1: Introduction 

Tip 2: Building Gratitude

Tip 3: Seeds of Optimism

Tip 4: The case for optimism

Tip 5: Three types of Happiness

Tip 6: The science of subjective well being

Tip 7: Coping with stress and anxiety

Tip 8: How stress affects your brain

Tip 9: Perseverance 

Tip 10: The value of adding patience and perseverance to your life

Tip 11: Invite some beauty in (creativity)

Tip 12: 10 Hacks to being Creative

Tip 13: The power of adaptability

Tip 14: 3 ways to measure your adaptability - and how to improve it 

Tip 15: Keep on learning

Tip 16: How to learn a new skill quickly

Tip 17: Living with purpose

Tip 18: How living for what matters changes everything

Tip 19: Finding humour in a dark place

Tip 20: The superpower of humour

Tip 21: Resilience for survival and growth


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