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16PF® Career Success Report

12 June 2013

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    16PF® Career Success Report
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The career landscape has undergone considerable change within the past three decades.

Globalisation, the opening up of international markets, rapid technological advances and the shift from a service to a knowledge economy all contribute to the changed work arena. These changes have significantly impacted the world of work and the role, skills and abilities required by new (and not so new!) employees. With all these changes come high levels of job insecurity, multiple careers, greater diversity and increased mobility. In addition, as globalisation opens up international educational and career opportunities, and technological innovation leads to increased specialisation, career choices and decisions have become far more complex. With the increase in the complexity of the career decision process, urgent attention should be given to the preparation of future recruits for this context: firstly, in terms of assisting them with the career decision challenges they are confronting and secondly, in terms of providing them with the skills to cope with the emerging demands from the new workplace.

OPP has identified the need to support young adults in their career exploration and decision making proces.

The 16PF® Career Success Report provides a useful tool to career counsellors in guiding individuals (16 years and older) towards effective career decision making. It is appropriate for use at all career development stages of young individuals. The report uses unique personality information to shed light on possible career exploration, focusing on strengths, interests and potential areas for growth and development. This self-knowledge can help students make informed decisions about their next steps.

The report is ideal for educational institutions looking to support students in making career and course decisions.

The 16PF® Career Success Report contains the following:

  • Details of personality and business skills that employers are looking for;
  • Clear, unique insights into next-step choices for students, university personnel, career guidance professionals and parents, reducing the risk of drop-out or job dissatisfaction;
  • Three sections, covering personality-based strengths and challenges, prospective occupations and next steps;
  • Self-improvement hints to develop employability skills, assist career progression and boost personal development; and
  • Insights into a student’s attitude to learning, problem-solving skills, work and lifestyle preferences, ability to cope with stress, and interpersonal style.


For more information on the 16PF® Career Success Report, please contact one of the team members of the Psychometric Advisory Services at JvR Psychometrics (011 781 3705).

For more information, please contact us on +27(0) 11 781 3705/6/7 or send an email to

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