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As adults, we are very aware that the world we live in is marked by various changes, uncertainties, and challenges

As adults, we are very aware that the world we live in is marked by various changes, uncertainties, and challenges. Although we cannot alter this reality, we can learn how to cope with various difficulties and still function effectively. Sometimes, however, we forget that young children live in the same world as we do - and therefore are also exposed to these changes and challenges.

JVR Academy has developed an eLearning programme aiming to explore various relevant topics that impact today’s children and the challenges they face in the current fast-paced and ever-changing world. The programme is focused on anyone working or interested in the educational sector wanting to contribute to the development of our youth.

Teachers, parents, and psychology professionals will gain practical knowledge from experts who discuss the latest research and application of topics that are relevant to the development of our youth.

Course outline:

How to improve mathematics performance

Maths as a subject is essential to develop logical reasoning and problem solving. Given that South African learners’ maths performance is second lowest on the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and ranked the lowest in the world on the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report, we need to act quickly to ensure a turnaround so that South Africa will be ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution and its accompanying digital revolution.


Bullying, especially e-bullying, has a severe and long-lasting impact on children. In this session we will explore what bullying is, the consequences for both the victim and the bully, as well as prevention and safety tips.

Play Therapy

During this session we will explore what play therapy is, techniques, the areas of application, and age groups that will benefit from it, the effectiveness thereof, as well as what the future holds for play therapy. The essence of play therapy, to help children explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma to learn new coping mechanisms, will be discussed and explained.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) in schools

It is important to prepare children to meet the challenges brought on by rapid and persistent change and increasing complexity. By focusing on the development of EQ in children from a young age, we can contribute to them reaching their potential to succeed both at school and in the future world of work. The focus of this course will, therefore, be about the challenges faced both in the school environment and in general, and how these could be managed by developing emotional intelligence skills.


Developing resilience, hardiness, and grit in children

This course specifically focuses on the development of constructs such as resilience, hardiness, grit, and emotional intelligence to help them cope with the difficulties that children will encounter. The individual concepts and their interrelatedness are discussed, as well as why they are relevant for coping. Special attention is placed on the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the knowledge and skills required to navigate through this revolution. The role of parents in developing these competencies are being investigated, and practical activities that can be used to develop these, are discussed. The knowledge and skills gained from this session will be useful to any person working with children, or professionals that regularly offer parental guidance.


Terms and conditions

Delegates will only be able to register for the full package offering.

Payment in full is required before online links and additional resources will be sent via email.

Delegates are required to complete a 12-point multiple-choice quiz and feedback form, for each session to obtain their certificate.

Delegates must receive a minimum pass mark of 70% for each quiz to qualify for CEU’s.

The link to the eLearning will be valid for one month.


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South Africa: R660.00 (incl. VAT)

How long to complete?

5 x 1 hour recordings